Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Can Alzheimer's disease be prevented? Yes, what you must know

A new study highlights what thousands who read this site already know, Alzheimer's can be prevented. When the brain is put in the right healing environment dementia can be reversed, according to the Center for Disease Control there is a tsunami of new dementia cases on the horizon, it is crucial to protect your brain from the damaging effects of our modern lifestyle. Researchers are seeing more younger people suffering for dementia, the lost of independence is the greatest tragedy of the illness. Alzheimer's disease can be prevented when the brain is given the necessary tools to fight the illness, we have proven this in 10 countries.

The loss of independence

The greatest challenge to living with Dementia is the loss of independence, many sufferers must rely on others for the simplest of tasks such as brushing their teeth or even feeding themselves; the loss of independence is a very humbling experience. A new study in a very small way highlights what we has revealed on this site, dementia can be reversed when the brain is given the right tools, this very bold statement is supported by our many users in Europe and South America. A study at INSERM, the French government's health research agency touched on the ability of the brain to hold off Dementia. "For each additional year of work, the risk of getting dementia is reduced by 3.2%," said Carole Dufouil,

Nearly 3% had developed dementia but the risk of this was lower for each year of age at retirement. Someone who retired at 65 had about a 15% lower risk of developing dementia compared to someone retiring at 60, after other factors that affect those odds were taken into account, Dufouil said
The reason for the drop is not because of “work” but it is a sign that the brain of an older person can be retrained and fight illness

This is the number one website in the world for the reversal of Alzheimer's disease for the last 4 years in Europe and South America, we have shown that a special combinations of natural ingredients has reversed Dementia in thousands worldwide. Can Alzheimer's disease be prevented? Yes, the illness can also be reversed, it is a reversible illness when the brain is given what it needs naturally. Sadly people with dementia often give up and many believe the lie that the illness cannot be reversed. Thousands have reversed dementia with a specialized diet in over 10 countries


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