Sunday, October 28, 2012

Alzheimer's Help without drugs or medications

Alzheimer's Help without drugs or medications

2 years ago it was revealed that Alzheimer's help surprised researchers in Europe because it was naturally and reversed brain plaques that cause memory loss. In just a few short weeks brain imaging showed the positive changing in the brain. This means you can reverse this illness. Alzheimer’s help is naturally available according to researchers in Berlin but this information is not reaching the people. There has been an incredible rise in this illness over the last 30 years and billions have been made from the drug companies and charities.

Why they medicate and hide the truth

The Drug industry is a billion dollar industry with the number one purpose to make money. I am not speaking of a little money I am speaking of billions. When a drug is approved. The drug makers get filthy richer. They have no interest in a diet that reversed the illness. Just this week the Journal of Neurology reported that dangerous hormone therapy could provide Alzheimer's help. This is horrible and we will tell you why. First here is what the study leader stated.

"Our results suggest that there may be a critical window near menopause where hormone therapy may possibly be beneficial," Peter Zandi of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, one of the study leaders, said in a statement.

The truth of the matter is hormone replacement has never been shown to cure anything and in fact it caused cancer to many cells in the body. The cost is over 7,000 dollars to start hormone replacement therapy. Why do they spend thousands on research for hormones?
 Because they want you to pay $7,000 for hormone therapy. They want to make more billions.

We have revealed to thousands in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia that you can reverse the plaque that cause memory loss with a specialized diet and get the brain back. The diet has already working in thousands and is largely ignored by the media which works with the drug makers to make millions. Mal Alzheimer is the number one natural Alzheimer help place in the world. You do not need their drugs or dangerous hormones just follow the specialized diet and get the memory back



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