Monday, November 10, 2014

An Alzheimer’s disease diet can change your brain

An Alzheimer’s disease diet can literally change the brain and reverse the many horrible symptoms of the illness; unfortunately most people who are suffering from mental decline are still not aware that there is much that can be done. A recent study showed the powerful impact that food has on the declining brain; an Alzheimer’s disease diet can literally save the mental faculties of a person who has the illness.

Drugs are food?

A recent study from Berlin revealed that there is still not one medication for Dementia which has been shown to cause a major improvement in the life of a person which has diminishing mental faculties; but targeted foods have been shown to make a different.

Once against doctors are surprised

Study after study on the brain keeps coming to the same conclusion, doctors are “surprised” how targeted brain nutrition can have a major impact on Dementia,  Dr. Carol Greenwood, a nutrition and cognitive scientist with the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto, and  a specialist on Neurodegenerative Diseases was the latest doctor to illicit “surprise” as to how certain foods can heal the brain

She revealed that a stunning drop of almost 40% in Dementia in those who followed a much targeted diet for the brain.  An Alzheimer’s disease diet can change the brain for the better; it is never too late to reverse the illness.

The biggest failure of the medical establishment has been to continually pump out to the people that there is no “cure” for dementia, this is done so that when the billion dollar profit drug comes which claims to stop the illness arrives on the Market the drug makers will makes literally billions every year.

Mal Alzheimer

We have been showing people for over 5 years that the brain has an incredible ability to heal when a person is on a very specific targeted diet for the brain; even those in middle late stages can see vast improvements with a targeted diet.  It is crucial to use an Alzheimer’s disease diet if a person has any dementia; medications are not going to do a thing to make a different in a person condition. To see a different in mood, attitude, personality and memory it is crucial to use a targeted diet.



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