Friday, December 14, 2012

Should I tell my Mother that she has dementia?

Should you tell your mother she may have dementia? To tell or not to tell is often a difficult question when one first notices that their loved one may have the beginning of Alzheimer’s disease. The reason for this concern is because of the nature of the illness, this illness still comes with many taboos. Speaking to a Mother,Father or loved one may be seen as “embarrassing” or disrespectful to the person with the illness.

Memory loss and our society

As much as illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease are horrible they still may not carry the stigma of memory loss. Memory loss is a very personal issue in that it is so much of who we really are. It is a shame to think we may never remember a wedding night or a honeymoon, it is a horrible thought to think that your very own Father may not remember who you are, this is the reality of this illness. Should you tell your Mother that she may have dementia? It can be a very embarrassing situation to the person telling and the person who has to receive the news.

Is it or isn't it

First, it is important to know if it really is Alzheimer's disease or isn’t it. Many different things cause memory loss and the brain is also very tricky in that memory can return. Just because an older person losses some memory does not mean it is Alzheimer's disease but it does mean you should protect against the illness quickly. There are many young people who cannot remember where they put their keys or where they parked the car, in these circumstances we do not think it is Alzheimer's but in an older person it is the first thing we often believe. Should you to tell your mother of loved one that they may have dementia.? Do not assume that they do have Alzheimer's, it may be a simple slip of the memory that we all experience., it iis important to be sure before you confront someone. The illness is increasing worldwide at a scary rate, it is crucial to protect your loved ones before the damage begins. This illness is easiest to treat in the earliest stages, it is important to protect the brain before the damage sets in. If you are seeing signs of the illness do not wait, much of the illness can be reversed when caught in time. A targeted diet that naturally puts the brain in a healing environment has been shown to reverse the illness.   See here Specialized Dementia diet


Cedric Terrell said...

I agree with you, don't assume that a person has Alzheimer's because of a few memory slips. A lot of illnesses such as depression can cause the same symptoms. Medicine can also give this reaction.Great post.

Nancy Buchanan said...

My mom had a Flu shot in October and has never snapped back since. She suffered from a urinary track infection, blood clot in her leg and not short term memory loss! She was relatively fine until October 2012. She is currently healthy except that she can't remember anything she said 5 minutes ago. She lived in my town forever and since moved to Maryland (8 hours away)to live with my brother, she thinks she is just visiting and every time I talk to her she says she wants to come home. Can we tell her she can't live alone and we need to figure out whats the best way to take care of her is? Can she with this "dementia" understand what it would take for her to continuing living? She can't live alone, she doesn't remember that she takes medicine, she won't cook for herself or bathe for that matter. My sister and I don't know what to do....

Mal Alzheimer said...

From our research we think it is best to avoid the flu shot. It has become common practice today to take this shot but this was not so just 30 years ago.

The flu shot has not stopped the flu or reduces the rates of the flu worldwide. There were fewer cases of the flu in the 1930's to 80's and there was no flu shot.

I cannot say if our dementia diet would work in your mother's case but it might. We are not sure in this particular case as it sounds a little complicated.

There is growing evidence that flu shots cause Alzheimer's disease due to the aluminum and formaldehyde combined with mercury since they are even more toxic together than they are alone.

Some research suggests that people who received the flu vaccine each year for 3 to 5 years had 10 times greater chance of developing Alzheimer's disease than people who did not have any flu shots.

We wish your Mom the best

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