Monday, December 3, 2012

DEMENTIA HELP: What role does the diet play?

Dementia help starts with the diet, this is something that we can conclusively say due to our research. The greatest setback to a cure has been the misinformation that is given to the majority of people. Alzheimer's disease is a horrible illness that waste the brain. The number of people suffering from the illness is increasing. Dementia help is available but sadly most people are not receiving this information.

A recent interview on a major television network in England had an “expert” telling people that there was no way to reverse the illness. This is the misinformation that does more harm than good. The reason being that we have seen much of the illness reversed. The “ no cure” information that is given to the general public is based on very loose generalizations. Dementia help is available and it starts in the diet. Now, it must be clearly stated that a simple “good diet” will not have much of an affect on Alzheimer's disease but a specific diet for the brain will have an enormous effect.

Stopping the plaques

The brain plaques that form and contribute to Alzheimer's disease can be reversed. What this means is much of the brain function can be restored. We have shown people that something can be done about the illness. This is something that the big organizations rarely speak about. What we can say is that there is a way to get much of the memory back! There is a way to see the brain plaques fought. The “There is no reversing the illness” mentality was based on old information. Science has shown dementia help is available and we have seen it as well. A specialized diet for the brain can reverse much of the memory loss.  


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