Thursday, November 29, 2012

My mom has dementia what to do I need is an Answer

If your mom has dementia and you are wondering what to do or need help it is important not to waste time. The reason for this is because this illness (Alzheimer's disease) is a “progressive disease” meaning that time usually causes more damage to the brain. This is why the illness is described as having “ “stages”. If you are saying “ my mom has dementia...what to do” The best thing to do is help.

The lack of action: Nothing plus Nothing = Nothing

As a young health researcher I think the thing that surprises me the most while working on this illness is the fact that people often do nothing about it. I have meet with hundreds of people with the illness or family members who are surprised that anything could be be done at all about Alzheimer’s. They say that they “hope” each day is no worst but take no action. I have discovered that the reason for this is because we are constantly being told that there is no cure for the illness. “My mom has dementia...what to do” is actually a great question because it opens up the room for possibility. Thinking this way shows that you do feel that something can be done.

Reversal of dementia

There is hope and you can do something. We have seen that the illness can be reversed with a very specialized diet for Alzheimer's. 7 researchers (including me) work together to find a way to stop the progression of the illness with diet alone. This is not to say that medications cannot help people but we believe that the illness can be naturally reversed when the brain is feed the right nutrients. So far we have seen in animal test the reversal of the dangerous brain plaques so I know the illness can be reversed. In regards to the question “ my mom has dementia...what to do” What we have learned is that time is the answer. The sooner the brain is feed a very specialized diet the greater the chance of regaining the brain and stopping the damage.

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