Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Mother has Alzheimer’s: What you should do

My mother has Alzheimer's Disease is probably the most popular comment I have received in all my studies of the illness. There is a growing number of people who are seeing this illness affect their parent. It is not easy and it is very sad to see a loved one losing their grip to the illness. My mother has Alzheimer’s always brings a bit of sadness in my heart because the disease is so very powerful.

What we lose is more than just memory

Much of the true personality is lost with Dementia and Alzheimer's not just memory  It is a shame that so many years of joy can be erased, in the end we often end up with a different person from the one we have know all our lives. This is 6 partners and myself all research Alzheimer's disease in 5 different countries. We want to see the full memory restore to those who are suffering. The brain is an amazing object that does unaccountable things in the body. When someone comes to me and says My mother has Alzheimer's I know that the brain is being attacked hard.

The good news is that there are 2 ways to fight back. The first is time; I have seen that the sooner you protect the brain the better. We can also say that the right diet can restore the memory to those with dementia. We have seen this in our lab studies. I would advice you to now give you even if a loved one is suffering from this illness. My mother has Alzheimer's is not a final sentence. The brain has an incredible way of restoring itself . A specialized for the brain can bring back the memory. I cannot say how much our specialized diet will restore the memory but we have seen incredible things in our research. Have a great day and don't give up


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