Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alzheimer’s Stage One (1) Don’t’ Wait

Alzheimer’s stage one is a call to protect the brain, it is must be understood that over time the symptoms of this illness usually becomes worst; everyone should protect their brains against possible impairment. The very obvious characteristic of the illness is a gradual diminishing of mental faculties; the need to address the declining brain function is something not enough of us are doing, Alzheimer’s stage one is a time for action. Of the thousands of people who we have interacted with who have been affected by this illness most are doing nothing to revive or protect their brain.


There is tons of medical research which tell us that the brain can revive, science is finally admitting that much can be done to reverse the affects of dementia and other declining mental functioning. After receiving a dementia diagnoses, it is most natural to be either afraid or depressed; but the fact of the matter is that this is not a time to give up.   Alzheimer’s stage one is characterized as exhibiting no impairment, the person can function quite independently. It is important that people understand that Alzheimer’s disease starts about 15years before the first signs appear, what this means is that it is crucial that people address the illness before the start of any symptoms.


The most important thing to know about Alzheimer’s is that it is a progressive illness but this is not the end of the story; with prĂ©cis nutritional support much of the affects can be reversed.


The brain has an incredible ability to heal when put in the correct nutritional environment, it does not matter how advance the condition, there is always a potential for healing.  Researchers at UCLA reported last month on the very first cases of human subjects who were able to reverse dementia with diet alone. We have revealed over the last 5 years that Stage one Alzheimer’s (or any of the stages) can potentially be reversed with the specific combination of targeted nutrition.  Mal Alzheimer is the only natural diet for the disease used in over 10 countries.





Sunday, October 26, 2014

Protect against Dementia? What is in the air?


One of the best ways to protect against dementia may be by not breathing the air, while this may seem to be a joke; the fact of the matter is that air quality has a direct connection to the development of diminished mental faculties. Researchers have shown that environmental pollutions have a very negative affect on the functioning of the brain, to protect against dementia it is best to be very aware of the quality of the air you  are breathing.




According to 3 recent studies, the smallest amount of air pollution is shown to have a very negative affect on the body, this should be an alert to all those who are concerned with the health of the brain. The fact of the matter is that low air quality was shown to ruin the cardiovascular (heart) and brain.


Dr. Brian Moench, president of Utah Physicians For a Healthy Environment, said the studies should be a wake-up call about how air quality affects has an extreme affect on the body.


"We are seeing that most of the health effects of air pollution do not have a threshold," Dr. Moench said. "The smallest amount of air pollution will have a corresponding amount of health impact. There is no such thing as an exposure of air pollution that will not affect you."   To protect against dementia is it crucial to take a stand against the conditon, too many are doing nothing to guard themselves.


When speaking of dementia, one of the studies which was published in the Journal of American Medical Assoication of Internal Medicine showed a direct affect on brain function in older women who were exposed to poor air quality.


The results of these studies underscore a very important fact, it is crucial to guard your brain against the many environmental and dietary factors which can negatively affect the brain.  The best way to protect the brain is with a very targeted diet, the precis combination of specfic foods can have a tremedous healing affect in the brain, even in those with middle late stage Alzheimer’s. The brain has an incredible alitity to heal when put in the precis nutritional environment, this has worked in thousands of people.









Monday, October 20, 2014

Help a person with Alzheimer’s disease

You can help a person with Alzheimer’s disease live a much fuller and complete life; it is truly possible to defeat much of the damaging affects of the illness. The number of people who are being affected by the illness is increasing at a rapid pace, it is alarming but we must state the fact that everyone will know someone with the illness in a very short time. Help for a person with Alzheimer’s disease is available when you change your way of thinking about the condition of the brain.  

There are too many who look at the diminished mental functioning of dementia as a hopeless situation but this is not the case, there was once a time when people believed AIDS could not be treated but no one believes that today. Much of the brain functioning that has been lost can be returned, this is a scientific fact that more people need to be aware of.  The brain has an incredible ability to heal when put in the right nutritional environment; it is a remarkable organ that is worth fighting for.   In our last post we revealed how doctors from UCLA admitted for the first time that diet had the power to reverse dementia; it actually worked in a small group of people. You can help a person with Alzheimer’s disease when you understand that the brain can heal, this is what so many are not aware of.

We have demonstrated in our own studies and the Mal Alzheimer diet that the right specific combination of foods has a synergy affect which can retard much of the memory loss in dementia patients. Bad mood, changes in personality, Anger and irritability can all be improves when the right combination of precise nutrition is given over the course of a few weeks, this has been demonstrated in numerous of University studies.

The brain has an incredible ability to heal when put in a very precis nutritional environment; this has worked for people in over 20 countries

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Dementia and won’t eat

It is a common complaint in people who are at a certain stage of dementia, they won’t eat. When a person who is experiencing a diminished mental faculty will not consume food it can become a very difficult situation for the caretaker. It should be known that the numbers of people who have Alzheimer’s disease is increasing at an alarming rate world wide; many will be faced with confronting this illness. A person with dementia who won’t eat is one of the more difficult situations that one may have to encounter and it can become frustrating.



Understanding the brain and appetite


The best information which can be obtained on Alzheimer’s disease and appetite from many countless University studies all indicate that there is a very delicate combination of hormones in the brain which control appetite.  The slightest changes in brain hormones can have a very substantial affect on how much a person eats. We can learn a lot from the brains of children and adult who have experienced physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse, MRI images show that the area of the brain which controls appetite is changed after abuses. There is a direct connection to eating disorders, appetite and abuses; this is very relevant information for a person with Dementia who won’t eat.  The brain is very complex and the changes which come from illnesses like Alzheimer’s can change the personality and appetite tremendously.



Balance the hormones back to normal


The most important thing to know is that dementia can be reversed, we have revealed this to thousands of people in 10 countries; the brain has an incredible ability to revive when put in the right healing environment. The correct combinations of targeted foods can cause a reversal of many of the negative affects of the illness. It is possible to improve mood, behavior and memory from the administration of the right combination of very specific brain targeted foods; this is documented in countless of studies. If you are taking care of a person with dementia who won’t eat, feed them the Mal Alzheimer’s diet.  The parts of the diet which can be consumed in a blender should be utilized in that fashion if the person will not eat solid foods. Over time the appetite will surprisingly return on the Mal Alzheimer diet. This is the protocol to use to return the appetite.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Diet for a person with dementia? Why not cure the illness


 When looking for a diet for a person with dementia it is important to know what you are seeking from the meal plan. When it comes to food, this is an area where people are lacking in information in regards to treating Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses that effect the cognitive functioning. A diet for a person with dementia can literally make a difference in the mood, behavior and personality of the patient.


The amazing brain


The brain is amazing and it has an unbelievable ability to heal when put in the right nutritional environment, what people are not so aware of is the fact that Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses which affect the brain can be reversed. It is at this point where people are often reluctant to see how the illness can  and has be reversed, but those who read this site are well aware that many (even those in the middle late stages )have seen improvement. The mood, personality and behavior of a person with Alzheimer’s disease can be greatly improved, this is scientifically proven and we have shown this.



Once again science admits the reversal of Alzheimer’s disease



Mal Alzheimer has revealed to thousands of people over the last 5 years that Dementia is a naturally reversible condition; in fact, there are no medications that have ever been able to reverse the illness.  Researchers at UCLA, lead by, Dr. Dale E. Bredesen explains how Alzheimer's is a complex disease affected by sleep, diet, even exercise. For the first time they admit and demonstrated that the illness is reversible without any medications!

Within 6 months in the UCLA study the subjects all had improved memory, what is most remarkable is that the protocol used by UCLA is nothing compared to what is used in the Mal Alzheimer’s diet. The benefits with Mal Alzheimer diet is witnessed within 3 months not 6 months like the UCLA study. 


A diet for a person with dementia can reverse the illness in many ways and we have shown this to thousands of our users.


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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reverse Alzheimer’s disease? Why many are starting to believe us

When you talk about the possibility to reverse Alzheimer’s disease there are always people (who have no understanding of the human brain) who are willing to tell you why it cannot be done. At Mal Alzheimer we have seen the reversal of the symptoms of the illness in many people, despite the critics medical professionals are finally starting to believe.  We have shown people that you can reverse Alzheimer’s disease even in middle late stages when you understand how the brain works, this week doctor’s finally agreed!


It amazes me how people are not willing to even try to help their loved ones reverse this illness, feeling sorry for them is not enough. It is absolutely necessary to try to heal a person who is losing their mental faculties. The brain has an incredible ability to heal when put in the right environment for healing, there was a time when A.I.D.S was viewed as a fast death sentence, and no one believes this today. Those of us who remember when A.I.D.S first spread in the world may remember that it was seen as hopeless to even consider treating the illness. To reverse Alzheimer’s disease is not only possible it has been done! in many cases there have been complete reversals.


The success of the Mal Alzheimer diet is due to the fact that we show dementia and all brain illnesses must be attacked with diet from many different angles at the same time.


The drug makers have profited 10 billion dollars annually on dementia medications with no cure yet the public is content with this, yet talk of a natural cure and the public is often not even open to even the possibility.  


We would love to ask the public what has Alzheimer’s medications done for your loved ones?


Thankfully thousands in Europe, America and other countries have used a targeted “diet” to reverse much of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.



Now they believe


Brain Researchers stunned the media yesterday when they admitted that we were right attacking Alzheimer’s from many angles can reverse much of the illness. They said for the first time they may have reversed Alzheimer’s disease.  What was the drug? There was NO DRUG..only DIET


"Everybody knows you can't reverse this. Once you lose it you can't get it back," said Dr. Dale Bredesen, neuroscientist at UCLA and author of the study.

"And I said, 'Well maybe that's not the case.'"

They witnesssed a reversal in 10 people in the UCLA study


"So this is the beginning. This is the toe in the water. We are seeing for the first time reversals in cognitive decline, and we need to do many more patients and we need to do much more documentation," said Bredesen.


We don’t want to say I told you so…but..this is the case…we did.  With this news from UCLA expect to see many imitators of our diet in the next few years but stick with the original Mal Alzheimer diet

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

What foods should a person with Alzheimer’s disease eat? The truth

What foods should a person with Alzheimer’s eat is one of the more common questions yet few get the right answers. It is clear that most people including medical professionals are not fully aware that food has a powerful impact on the brain of a person with this illness. If you are a caretaker it is important that you know more than the patient’s doctors, you are the one who will be administering most of the food not the doctors.  In addressing the question of what foods should a person with Alzheimer’s disease eat we will reveal a very fascinating connection to another illness.


This is your brain on inflammation


Most people have absolutely no clue that dementia and diabetes are linked, this does not mean that high blood sugar necessarily causes dementia but it does mean that excessive glucose is dangerous to the brain.  


A remarkable recent study showed that people with type 2 high blood sugar were twice as likely to have mild brain functioning impairment as those without diabetes. The study revealed that mild cognitive problems are a stage of mental decline that can come before more serious dementia.

"Maintain your diabetes treatment to help prevent mental decline."

Angela Winkler, MA, in the Department of Neurology at University Hospital Essen in Germany


Dementia is an inflammation disease similar to diabetes


The brain is a very powerful organ and it can repair, when mental faculties start to become negatively affected do not believe that this cannot be repaired. The link between diabetes and the loss of brain function is due to inflammation, when seeking which foods a person with Alzheimer’s should eat it is important to know that this disease is also an inflammation disease.  


The failure of diabetes and dementia medications is due to the fact that most of this billion dollar profit drugs do not reduce inflammation. (This is only one of many reasons why you should treat Alzheimer’s disease with diet). There are no medications that can stop dementia but the right foods given specifically in the right combinations can! We have proven this in over 10 countries.


The person with Alzheimer’s must be given a healing diet, most people aim for a good diet but this is not enough. When it comes to the brain “good” is not enough, healing is the only thing that can revive the brain. The brain has an incredible ability to revive when put in the right healing environment. People spend on average $10,000 dollars a year on a person with dementia yet they receive no healing, these patients never get any better despite over $5,000 spent yearly on dementia drugs


What foods should a person with Alzheimer’s disease eat?


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