Friday, April 10, 2015

Reverse Alzheimer’s disease? What are you eating?

You can reverse Alzheimer’s disease with nutrition, this is no longer a question; it be done. Researchers at UCLA and NYU have proven what Mal Alzheimer has shown for over 5 years; the illness can be greatly improved with targeted nutrition.  Often people are led to believe that “skinny” automatically means “healthy”, be this is not the case. A new study reveals that people who are overweight have less of a chance of developing dementia than thin people. You can reverse Alzheimer disease symptoms, it is crucial to understand the role of nutrition and its affect on the brain.

The new study from England is quite an eye opener; it shows how healthy cognitive functioning is related to nutrition. Bodyweight plays a very important role in the brain; the study reveals that overweight people are protected against dementia more than thin people.

The team at Oxon Epidemiology and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine analyzed the medical records from almost 2000 people aged 55, on average, for over 20 years. This was an amazing number of people and it gives us a good overview on the workings of the brain and bodyweight.
Their most conservative analysis showed underweight people had an almost 40% greater risk of dementia compared with a person who was healthy weight! 
But those who were overweight did even better, lowering dementia risk by almost an additional 20%!
The researchers were shocked. "Yes, it is a surprise," said lead researcher Dr Nawab Qizilbash.   At Mal Alzheimer this study does not shock us; many overweight people are getting targeted nutrition which thin people are missing.

The Mal Alzheimer diet is still the number one natural diet to revere dementia, and is used in over 10 countries. What can you expect to experience with the targeted diet?
A diet of combined nutrition for the brain can result in improved mood, personality or memory in the Alzheimer disease patient.  The diet is crucial to a person at the early stages of dementia, the earlier the targeted nutrition the better the results.  What causes this affect, which has been proven in many clinical studies? It is the combination of certain nutrition which creates a synergy affect which can improve the brain.  

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Friday, November 21, 2014

You can Stop Alzheimer’s disease from getting worst

There are many who are trying to stop Alzheimer’s disease from getting worst, this very progressive illness slowly takes over the everyday life of the person with the illness; but this can be stopped. It is important to recognize that dementia begins more than 20 years before the sign of the first symptoms actually manifest, an understanding of this is crucial to addressing the illness. To stop Alzheimer’s disease from getting worst it is important to understand the role of nutrition. 
A test to detect the beginning of the illness
A new test indicates that researchers may be able to identify Alzheimer’s 10 years before the start of the first symptoms; despite this new test we at Mal Alzheimer are not very enthusiastic about this development. The test which was described publicly for the first time yesterday could soon be used to identify and treat patients with Alzheimer’s earlier.
“We will need replication and validation, but I’m very optimistic this work will hold,” Dimitrios Kapogiannis, the study’s lead author and a neuroscientist at the National Institute on Aging

What is most disturbing is the fact that the researchers never once spoke of helping the person with the illness; the press release focused on testing new drugs on people sooner, while seeking  effective drugs is not a bad thing, nutritionally sound methods which have been proven to help reverse much of Alzheimer’s symptoms still do not receive government funding.

People with dementia need targeted proven nutrition not earlier use of unproven drugs!  This test may simply turn people into test animals for the drug companies, as they search for new medications.  The drug companied profits still take precedence over healing.

 20 years before the first symptoms

Readers of this site know that numerous studies has revealed that the disease starts 20 years before the first symptoms not 10, in addition, targeted nutrition can stop Alzheimer’s disease from getting worst; many symptoms can reverse.

Targeted nutrition is a proven method to help a person with Alzheimer’s disease
The brain responses incredibly well when specific nutrition is combined; the result is a synergy affect leading to improved memory, mood and personality.

Over the last 30 years there has been an incredible rise in the numbers of people suffering from mental decline, yet much of this is reversible.  Thousands of people use the Mal Alzheimer diet to improve the quality of life of a person with the condition. You can stop Alzheimer’s disease from getting worst, the brain has an incredible ability to reverse damage when put in a much targeted nutritional environment, and it works.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stop Alzheimer’s disease with targeted food

It is possible to stop Alzheimer’s disease even in middle late stages by using a much targeted combination of food which heals the brain. Each year science discovers more and more about how nutrients affect the brain, illnesses like dementia can be greatly improved, unfortunately this is what most people are still unaware of. It is possible to stop Alzheimer’s disease with the precise combination of foods targeted for the brain.


The brain has an incredible ability to heal when it is put in a very precise nutritional environment, the quality of calories that we consume have a very strong affect on the working of the brain. Researchers have recently discovered that calorie restriction has a direct affect on the brain, the results of the University study shows that consuming fewer calories has a positive affect on the brain, possibly delaying illnesses such as dementia. There is much which can be done to stop Alzheimer’s disease; calorie restriction does have a positive affect on the brain.


Fewer calories equal a better brain?


A recent study from neuroscientists at NYU Langone Medical Center revealed that reducing the amount of calories in the diets of female mice stopped the normal rise and fall of in activity levels of around 900 different genes that are associated with brain function, including aging and memory formation. Researchers concluded that diets with fewer calories from carbohydrates can help slow certain aspects of aging and chronic disease in humans.


Combining power brain nutrients


What Mal Alzheimer has revealed to now thousands of people in over 10 countries is that it is the exact and précis combination of specific nutrients which have the greatest affect on reversing dementia.  Targeting the brain with specifically combined nutrition can stop many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, this can revive the brain.  Calorie restriction may have some ability to delay some progression of Alzheimer’s disease but it cannot reverse the illness, reversal is only possible with targeted food combinations to heal the brain. The Mal Alzheimer diet is now used in over 10 countries to improve mood, memory and brain function in those who have dementia.





Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is Diet causing your Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease and diet are crucially connected, the illness is increasing at a rapid pace worldwide; it is estimated by the Center of Disease Control that almost everyone will know a person with the Dementia within the next 2 decades. As the crisis of diminished mental functioning continues to climb in the much of the Western world more people are looking to diet as a way to address Alzheimer’s disease.  New research indicates that diet could be the leading cause of Alzheimer’s disease in millions of people.



Nutrition and the brain


In the West we tend to think about the body as separate parts, we are familiar with diets for the heart, liver and lungs but we rarely think about food to heal the brain. What may shock most people is the fact that foods are the most important aspect when treating dementia or any diminished mental functioning. In an astonishing statement on how food affects the brain, the Canadian Alzheimer’s Disease Society stated that more than 40% of all Alzheimer’s disease cases are caused by diet. While most people avoid full fat dairy such as whole milk, whole fat cheeses and whole fat yogurt, researchers show that dietary whole fat actually helped stop mental decline.


Since the introduction of low fat foods more than 30 years ago, the Alzheimer’s disease rate has increase by more than 200%.


Researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark (The same country where the Mal Alzheimer Diet was created) spoke on how full fat helps the brain.


“Our study suggests that a high-fat diet can postpone aging processes. A diet high in fat also seems to postpone the aging of the brain. The findings therefore potentially imply that patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease in the long term may benefit from the new knowledge,” said professor Vilhelm Bohr from the Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen


We have made it clear on this site that the précis combination of very specific nutrients can reverse much of Alzheimer’s disease even in the middle late stages. The thousands of readers on this site know that the brain has an incredible ability to heal when put in the correct nutritional environment.





Monday, November 10, 2014

An Alzheimer’s disease diet can change your brain

An Alzheimer’s disease diet can literally change the brain and reverse the many horrible symptoms of the illness; unfortunately most people who are suffering from mental decline are still not aware that there is much that can be done. A recent study showed the powerful impact that food has on the declining brain; an Alzheimer’s disease diet can literally save the mental faculties of a person who has the illness.

Drugs are food?

A recent study from Berlin revealed that there is still not one medication for Dementia which has been shown to cause a major improvement in the life of a person which has diminishing mental faculties; but targeted foods have been shown to make a different.

Once against doctors are surprised

Study after study on the brain keeps coming to the same conclusion, doctors are “surprised” how targeted brain nutrition can have a major impact on Dementia,  Dr. Carol Greenwood, a nutrition and cognitive scientist with the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto, and  a specialist on Neurodegenerative Diseases was the latest doctor to illicit “surprise” as to how certain foods can heal the brain

She revealed that a stunning drop of almost 40% in Dementia in those who followed a much targeted diet for the brain.  An Alzheimer’s disease diet can change the brain for the better; it is never too late to reverse the illness.

The biggest failure of the medical establishment has been to continually pump out to the people that there is no “cure” for dementia, this is done so that when the billion dollar profit drug comes which claims to stop the illness arrives on the Market the drug makers will makes literally billions every year.

Mal Alzheimer

We have been showing people for over 5 years that the brain has an incredible ability to heal when a person is on a very specific targeted diet for the brain; even those in middle late stages can see vast improvements with a targeted diet.  It is crucial to use an Alzheimer’s disease diet if a person has any dementia; medications are not going to do a thing to make a different in a person condition. To see a different in mood, attitude, personality and memory it is crucial to use a targeted diet.


Friday, November 7, 2014

What can Alzheimer’s disease do to you? The truth

What can Alzheimer’s disease do to you? This is the question we received yesterday from a woman whose mother has been diagnosed with the illness. It is a very scary thing when one first hears that a loved one is being afflicted with the disease, the thought that you will become unrecognizable to a person who knew you your whole life is very discouraging.  In this post, “what can Alzheimer’s disease do to you” we will discuss how the illness can change a family forever.



In discussing the way in which the disease can dramatically change a family, there was a recent story which focused on how the illness affected one particular family, it was quite revealing.  While memory loss is the most well known aspect of the disease, there are many other complications which can appear, diminished mental functioning causes personality changes. S. Morris from Lancaster County discovered the challenges of the illness when her husband became a person with Alzheimer's at the very young age of only 46. What can Alzheimer’s disease do to you? It can change you completely.


She admits to dealing with many physical and spatial issues that became apparent early on.


“It started out slowly with little things here and there that did not add up.

I noticed even when he was still teaching he was having trouble getting dressed - miss a belt loop - miss buttoning a shirt," said S. Morris.


Dementia slowly takes over the brain, the changes can cause a person to become angry, irritable, depressed, or worst. As time goes by conditions become worst.


The brain is an incredible organ and it has a remarkable ability to heal when put in the right nutritional environment. It is crucial that a person with the disease do something, the illness progresses to worsening stages.  The vast majority of people are not aware that much of the affects of dementia can be reversed with the precise combination of natural ingredients; this was revealed in a recent study from the University of California Berkley.


Mal Alzheimer has been showing people for over 5 years that the synergy affect which is created by using the correct balance of precise nutritional substance can reverse much of the negative affects of dementia; this has been revealed in over 10 countries.  What can Alzheimer’s disease do to you? It can literally change a person into complete other personality, but it is clear that much can be done to reverse these affects.




Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Mom has Dementia, what to do about this

We received an email from a young woman “My mom (mother) has dementia what should I do about this?”  Unfortunately, we are witnessing a boom in the number of people who are being afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease; the situation will continue to get worst. The fact of the matter is that the email we received is becoming to be very common. In this post “My mom has dementia” we will address the brain and its amazing ability to reverse cognitive decline.

The stress of an illness

The worst thing about losing mental faculties is the tremendous amount of stress which is placed not only on the individual with the condition but also the family. There are many personality changes which occur once the brain starts to have difficulties, this can range from anger, depression, and even outbursts.  The physical and financial strains of diminished mental faculties are tremendous but this does not have to be the end of the story, the brain has an incredible ability to heal when placed in a very precise nutritional environment. Do not believe for a second that Alzheimer’s disease cannot improve. 

Mom has dementia

It was once believed that diseases like A.I.D.S and cancer could not be improved, people simply accepted the diagnoses then waited for conditions to get worst, this is how so many people view Alzheimer’s disease today. People are not addressing the brain but instead are waiting for some drug to be developed; there is no need to wait for the drug makers to find a billion dollar profit pill for themselves before you get help. A targeted combination of nutritional foods (in the precise measure) can reverse much of Alzheimer’s disease; this has been proven in numerous of studies which will never reach the public due to the politics of big medicine.

The brain responses wonderfully when put in a very precise nutritional environment; it is the combined substances which create a synergy affect which reverses so many of the symptoms of Dementia.  The power of synergy (combining specific foods targeted to improve brain functioning) works because the tau tangles and plaque build up which cause Alzheimer’s disease is addressed from a multi angle approach, this simply works.  My Mom has dementia: Unfortunately, we will hear this more often, yet you have the power to do something.

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