Friday, October 17, 2014

Dementia and won’t eat

It is a common complaint in people who are at a certain stage of dementia, they won’t eat. When a person who is experiencing a diminished mental faculty will not consume food it can become a very difficult situation for the caretaker. It should be known that the numbers of people who have Alzheimer’s disease is increasing at an alarming rate world wide; many will be faced with confronting this illness. A person with dementia who won’t eat is one of the more difficult situations that one may have to encounter and it can become frustrating.



Understanding the brain and appetite


The best information which can be obtained on Alzheimer’s disease and appetite from many countless University studies all indicate that there is a very delicate combination of hormones in the brain which control appetite.  The slightest changes in brain hormones can have a very substantial affect on how much a person eats. We can learn a lot from the brains of children and adult who have experienced physical, sexual, verbal or emotional abuse, MRI images show that the area of the brain which controls appetite is changed after abuses. There is a direct connection to eating disorders, appetite and abuses; this is very relevant information for a person with Dementia who won’t eat.  The brain is very complex and the changes which come from illnesses like Alzheimer’s can change the personality and appetite tremendously.



Balance the hormones back to normal


The most important thing to know is that dementia can be reversed, we have revealed this to thousands of people in 10 countries; the brain has an incredible ability to revive when put in the right healing environment. The correct combinations of targeted foods can cause a reversal of many of the negative affects of the illness. It is possible to improve mood, behavior and memory from the administration of the right combination of very specific brain targeted foods; this is documented in countless of studies. If you are taking care of a person with dementia who won’t eat, feed them the Mal Alzheimer’s diet.  The parts of the diet which can be consumed in a blender should be utilized in that fashion if the person will not eat solid foods. Over time the appetite will surprisingly return on the Mal Alzheimer diet. This is the protocol to use to return the appetite.

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