Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What is a Good diet for a person with dementia

What is a good diet for a person with dementia? It should be noted that certain foods can have a tremendous impact on Alzheimer’s disease. The research is clear that certain nutrients can actually promote the creation of new brain cells, there is a very powerful research behind food and brain functioning; the right combination of nutrients can greatly improve the illness. We will go as far as saying that a good diet for a person with dementia has the ability to reverse aspects of the illness an improve mood.



A look at what healing food can do for the brain


It surprised doctors when they discovered that the humble little “blueberries” had a profound positive affect on the brain. Blueberries in the right dosage (half a cup) were found to have a positive “medicinal-like” effect on the cells of the brain.  The power of the blueberries resides in the fact that they helped remove toxic accumulations in the brain, how many doctors have told you about this?



The research which was presented at the Experimental Biology conference revealed the very exciting results; this was also published in the Huffington Post.


Researchers found that the blueberry consumption was linked with increased autophagy, which is the natural process the brain undergoes to clear out accumulation of toxic proteins. They noted that phytonutrients – plant chemicals — in blueberries may be responsible for this effect; berries are known to be high in anthocyanins

The research, presented at the Experimental Biology 2013 meeting, showed that the brains of the subjects which consumed berries for two months were better protected against radiation, which is meant to induce accelerated aging in the mice.  This is only one of tons of research showing that blueberries are incredible for the brain.


(Those with dementia have a lower level of autophagy and the blueberries raise the level)


This is nothing short of amazing what a few blueberries can do, Mal Alzheimer is the number one natural diet site for reversing Alzheimer’s in the world. Our 80 page reverse dementia diet report has been read in over 20 countries because it works.


It is important to understand that even the slightest improve in cell functioning can have quite an affect on a person with dementia; the brain is a very complex instrument and to be quite frank, you may be completely shocked what a good diet for a person with dementia can do.   As good as blueberries are for the brain, a combination of the right natural ingredients are proven to help the brain of a person with dementia even in the middle late stages!  The combination of the right foods is much more powerful than blueberries against dementia; this is what we have reported on in so many countries. Do not let a loved one continue with this illness without attempting to beat it naturally.

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