Thursday, April 3, 2014

What may be a sign of Dementia risks


Dementia is increasing at a rapid pace worldwide, it is predicted that within the next few decades the numbers will increase by 100%. More than 7 million in the United Sates suffers from this declining mental condition, the Center for Disease Control states that we in the United States are not prepare for the coming onslaught of new cases. The number will increase to over 14 million in a very short time. Dementia is an inflammatory condition which affects the cognitive skills but often the physical condition of the body can indicate a possible coming mental decline in later years. One of the risks of Alzheimer’s disease involves the health of the heart; it is becoming clear that the physical health of the body is linked to the future condition of cognitive functioning.


Heart health and high blood pressure


High blood pressure and heart disease are linked to mental decline but what has recently surprised brain researchers is the fact that the overall health of a young person may determine their risk for dementia later in life. The study made it clear that the decline of mental faculties is formed from our youth.



"We know these risk factors are important later in life but what is new is that they seem to be important for cognitive health even going from young to mid adulthood," lead author Dr. Kristine Yaffe of the University of California, San Francisco, told Reuters Health in an email. "This is the first time anyone has shown this."



"I find it fascinating because we know that midlife risk factors predict late life cognitive decline, but this is the first study to push it back even further," to young adulthood, she said. "We're finding subtle changes early that have cumulatively negative effects."  Young people with "high normal" heart health markers don't necessarily need treatment. But, "The important public health message is heart health is good for brain health even as a young adult," Yaffe said.



It is essential to address declining mental capabilities, it is never too late, even the most advance cases of Alzheimer’s can see improvement. Dementia risks can be diminished and much of the illness can be reversed with diet, this is actual scientific fact, this condition is an inflammatory response that can be greatly improved with a very specific combination of nutrients designed to address the root cause of the cognitive decline.


How to reverse Alzheimer's disease? Timing is crucial to the reversal of the illness, each day plaques and tau tangles do considerable damage to the precious brain white matter, those who wait risk losing more brain function. The stopping of the progression or even reversal of the illness can be achieved without pharmaceutical drugs; the brain has an incredible ability to rejuvenate when placed in the right environment for healing; this has been demonstrated in over 10 countries.  It must be stated clearly that much of the illness can be reversed.


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