Monday, June 23, 2014

CAN DEMENTIA GO AWAY? Progress called “Achingly Slow”

Can dementia go away? It seems like things are getting worst judging by British Prime Minister David Cameron’ comments, while discussing the current progress on the illness, Mr. Cameron described any advancement as “achingly slow”. If you have a loved one with this illness “slow” is the last word you want to hear, as most know, this is a progressive disease which advances in stages (each stage becoming worst than the previous). Can dementia go away? This was the a question that we received from one of our thousands of daily readers last week, in this post will discuss the question, as well as, the current outlook from Prime Minister Cameron. 

 2014 Global Dementia Legacy Event in London
“The truth is that dementia now stands alongside cancer as one of the greatest enemies of humanity,” Cameron said. “In the UK alone there are around 800,000 people living with dementia, worldwide that number is 40 million – and it is set to double every 20 years.”

“Dementia is a ticking bomb costing the global economy £350 billion and yet progress with research is achingly slow,” he says

Beyond the statistics are real people and real families, we are speaking of real people who are losing independence along with brain function. The loss of independence is what so many sufferers of the illness have a difficult time living with. A daughter spoke to us of her mother’s dementia, the mom who is 60 years old needs the help of others to change and wash. Her mother is a woman who was once extremely independent and hardly needed the help of anyone for almost anything, her mom feels herself a burden on others. The British Prime Minister is sounding a very loud alarm and the message is clear “protect yourself” from this illness at all cost. Can dementia go away? The answer to the thousands who reads this site is yes, much of the illness can be reversed when the brain is given the right tools to work with.

 The brain has an incredible ability to heal in even the most advance cases; those who have mild, moderate or even late stages of the illness still have the capability for some level of recovery. Thousands have witnessed that even in the late stages much can be done to help the sufferer.  The exciting thing about the Mal Alzheimer Diet is that the benefits can be outstanding, improved, mood, memory or behavior.

Prime Minister Cameron has sounded the alarm that the illness is spreading fast yet the research is very far behind; in others word “millions more are going to suffer”. Can dementia go away?  You have to act on this illness, dementia is not a normal part of the ageing process; brain can recover in many ways.  Regardless of whether you decide to join the thousands who use the Mal Alzheimer Diet it is important that you do something; never wait.

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