Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alzheimer’s Stage One (1) Don’t’ Wait

Alzheimer’s stage one is a call to protect the brain, it is must be understood that over time the symptoms of this illness usually becomes worst; everyone should protect their brains against possible impairment. The very obvious characteristic of the illness is a gradual diminishing of mental faculties; the need to address the declining brain function is something not enough of us are doing, Alzheimer’s stage one is a time for action. Of the thousands of people who we have interacted with who have been affected by this illness most are doing nothing to revive or protect their brain.


There is tons of medical research which tell us that the brain can revive, science is finally admitting that much can be done to reverse the affects of dementia and other declining mental functioning. After receiving a dementia diagnoses, it is most natural to be either afraid or depressed; but the fact of the matter is that this is not a time to give up.   Alzheimer’s stage one is characterized as exhibiting no impairment, the person can function quite independently. It is important that people understand that Alzheimer’s disease starts about 15years before the first signs appear, what this means is that it is crucial that people address the illness before the start of any symptoms.


The most important thing to know about Alzheimer’s is that it is a progressive illness but this is not the end of the story; with précis nutritional support much of the affects can be reversed.


The brain has an incredible ability to heal when put in the correct nutritional environment, it does not matter how advance the condition, there is always a potential for healing.  Researchers at UCLA reported last month on the very first cases of human subjects who were able to reverse dementia with diet alone. We have revealed over the last 5 years that Stage one Alzheimer’s (or any of the stages) can potentially be reversed with the specific combination of targeted nutrition.  Mal Alzheimer is the only natural diet for the disease used in over 10 countries.






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