Sunday, October 26, 2014

Protect against Dementia? What is in the air?


One of the best ways to protect against dementia may be by not breathing the air, while this may seem to be a joke; the fact of the matter is that air quality has a direct connection to the development of diminished mental faculties. Researchers have shown that environmental pollutions have a very negative affect on the functioning of the brain, to protect against dementia it is best to be very aware of the quality of the air you  are breathing.




According to 3 recent studies, the smallest amount of air pollution is shown to have a very negative affect on the body, this should be an alert to all those who are concerned with the health of the brain. The fact of the matter is that low air quality was shown to ruin the cardiovascular (heart) and brain.


Dr. Brian Moench, president of Utah Physicians For a Healthy Environment, said the studies should be a wake-up call about how air quality affects has an extreme affect on the body.


"We are seeing that most of the health effects of air pollution do not have a threshold," Dr. Moench said. "The smallest amount of air pollution will have a corresponding amount of health impact. There is no such thing as an exposure of air pollution that will not affect you."   To protect against dementia is it crucial to take a stand against the conditon, too many are doing nothing to guard themselves.


When speaking of dementia, one of the studies which was published in the Journal of American Medical Assoication of Internal Medicine showed a direct affect on brain function in older women who were exposed to poor air quality.


The results of these studies underscore a very important fact, it is crucial to guard your brain against the many environmental and dietary factors which can negatively affect the brain.  The best way to protect the brain is with a very targeted diet, the precis combination of specfic foods can have a tremedous healing affect in the brain, even in those with middle late stage Alzheimer’s. The brain has an incredible alitity to heal when put in the precis nutritional environment, this has worked in thousands of people.










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