Friday, January 18, 2013

Dementia help can be provide when you avoid the Smoke

There is a great help to the healing of Dementia you avoid some common pollutants such as cigarette smoke and air pollution. It is common to walk in a major city and see cars shooting out light or heavy exhaust from the back of the vehicle. This is not a harmless substance. What is amazing is how many people simply ignore it. You can help protect against dementia by avoiding these pollutants. This is not a harmless issue, it is a major concern for all people. It is essential to protect your brain( young or old)

Second hand smoke is an enemy to the brain circulatory system but there is another danger that few pay attention to and that is car exhaust. The real danger from car exhaust comes from from a substance called Type-2 Alkenes, these are very dangerous and what they do is destroy the nerve ends in your brain. This affects the young and old. The site has been created to help people get the remember back. We have seen the brain come back to life from Alzheimer's disease “Do not give up” Avoiding car exhaust and cigarette smoke can help against dementia.

I remember my Father telling me “cover your mouth and nose” when ever I walked by a car with a ton of exhaust shooting out the back in a major city. Last month I witnessed about 7 teens together all laughing and having a good time as they waited to cross the street. The air was filthy with black car exhaust and white truck exhaust, the teens talked and walked right through the exhaust gobbling it up without any notice. They inhaled a year's supply of Type-2 Alkenes   

These fumes shock the central nerve system, the body views these exhausts as cancerous.  The fumes do not have to be heavy to affect your brain. Avoid all fumes and cover your mouth, nose and eyes.

The brain and circulation system cannot handle this amount of damage and hey are directly related to Alzheimer's disease. Help yourself against dementia by covering your mouth and nose when walking pass heavy exhaust. Also, close your eyes when you able because the exhaust invades the small blood vessels of the eyes. Teach your children to be aware of exhaust and to cover their mouths and nose. It is battle today between the foods which causes Alzheimer's disease and the environment. Help Dementia go away. You can win and regain the memory, stay with this site.

Today's Tip: SUV vehicle's exhaust destroy the air and your brain's nervous system with strong exhaust fumes, try driving a better vehicle  


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