Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dementia and the loss of Life

An 86 year old man who was lost was found dead yesterday. How does dementia take the life? The illness is being mentioned by officials as a cause of death. Many ask the question can the illness cause death and how does this occur? We have stated before on this site that the illness works in a very damaging way; the loss of life is usually because the person suffering could not take care of themselves anymore. How does Dementia cause loss of life? It can be the cause of death because the sufferer often becomes a child again in many ways.

The loss of being responsible for “ you”

One of the the things that is not spoken of often enough when people speak of Alzheimer's disease is the loss of independence; this can also lead to embarrassment for the sufferer. Imagine for a moment that you have prided yourself on being an independent person; you have always managed to take care of yourself then suddenly you are dependent on others for the smallest tasks. It can be embarrassing when a sufferer of this illness discovers that they have wandered out in the street or cannot remember where they live, this can be devastating. How does dementia cause loss of life? The cause can often be described as “the sufferers literally forgetting how to take care of themselves” Not caring for yourself opens the door to illnesses such as pneumonia, heart disease and stroke.

Once a man twice a child

As harsh as it may seem the sufferers of Alzheimer's disease may in many ways may need child like care again. This is not to demean the person but it is a reality; they may need the care of another to do the simplest of task. The elderly gentleman who died was found at the bottom of a cliff near a water creek; he had wandered out on his own. How does dementia cause loss of life? is an important question because it shows that we must attempt to exhibit an incredible amount of attention and love for the person suffering. Never let your guard down. 


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