Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do I have Alzheimer's Disease? Signs

A patient recently asked “ Do I have Alzheimer's disease” to her doctor. The story was covered in a California newspaper. The woman felt that she may have the beginnings of the illness because she was forgetting many things. She is only in her 40's but could not understand why her memory was becoming so bad. Do I have Alzheimer's disease was the question she asked and doctors tried a very experimental procedure

A costly procedure that can cause problems

The use of a PET scanner and a fluid that can bind to Amyloid( Dementia plaque ) was given to the woman. The test showed that she did not have the illness but it also opened up a very touchy subject. One gentleman planned to take his own life if the test showed that he had the beginnings of the illness. His planned suicide letter was found after his test. This PET scanner test can be a very risky procedure because it can show that the illness has started and all will get worst. This is a terrible way to look at Alzheimer's disease. This illness is not a death sentence. Dementia can be reversed and we have seen this in our research. Do I have Alzheimer's disease should be a question that is asked so that you can fight back not give up.

There is a problem with early testing for any disease, these test often give you a false positive. Early test often find things that the body eventually repairs on its own.

The New York Times reported that mammograms for breast cancer were largely overused and not accurate. They went as far as showing that most mammograms are not needed. The reason for this( to speak in very basic language) is that cells are constantly changing from bad cells to good cells. There is a daily battle in the human body.  It is common for a doctor to say “We found something” when you take a test.
This is not to ignore testing but often you can find something in any person if you look hard enough.

I am not saying that early testing can not save some lives but early testing also causes alarm and many false positives. Do I have Alzheimer's disease? If you do, you can restore back the memory. Don't give up on the brain

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