Friday, December 21, 2012

Warning signs of Dementia: What to look for

Personality changes are one of the warning signs of dementia that many people miss. We so often think of memory loss as the only “real”sign of Alzheimer's disease but this can cause us to miss something that has been hinting to us. We are seeing a growth in the numbers of people suffering from this illness and it will be important for us to recognize the effects. The Warning signs of dementia can vary from individual to individual this is why learning about the illness will help you help another.

Personality changes

There are people who are surprise by some of the changes in behavior of a person with the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease. There are some sufferers who experience rage, irritability and aggression. Anger can be a very surprising result of the illness. There are people who have this disease who become extremely angry or exhibit fits of rage. This can be very uncomfortable to a caregiver to handle; unpredictable behavior can also be difficult for a loved one to deal with. It can also lead to very embarrassing situations. If you notice sudden changes in personality it may be one of the signs of dementia

The brain is a very complex creation, it can do an uncountable number of things at the same time but Alzheimer's disease can deeply affect brain's performance. When the illness of Alzheimer's comes in it can do some very bad things to the brain and change personalities.

The plaques that eat away at the brain gray and white matter can change a person's personality.
It is best that everyone start a protection plan to protect their brain. It is crucial not wait until the brain has been heavily affected before doing something. We have seen in our research that a very specialized diet can reverse the early signs of dementia. Never give up, the brain can do some amazing thing when put in the right environment to heal.  Have a great Day


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