Sunday, December 23, 2012

Is it dementia? or isn't it

It is important to know if your condition is dementia or isn't  the reason for this is because of the way that Alzheimer’s disease effects the brain. This illness is growing very quickly in much of the United States and Europe. Australia is also experiencing rising cases. Is it Dementia is a very important question seeing as waiting may cause the illness to spread to more parts of the brain.

The thief that steals as you wait

Alzheimer’s disease is known to progress in stages, what this means is that the illness changes for the worst as time goes by. This can be a very dangerous thing in that many people wait and this allows more damage to effect the brain. The best course of action with this illness is to response quickly. In fact doctors and researchers are showing that all people should protect themselves from Alzheimer’s disease even before any symptoms are apparent. Is it dementia or not?  It is not always easy to tell because even though there are basic signs to look for the illness also manifest itself with some not so common signs. This can make knowing difficult.

For example, last week we wrote about anger as a not so common sign of Alzheimer’s disease here 

Personality changes are one of the most commonly missed signs. Personality changes are more associated with forms of mental illnesses than Alzheimer’s disease and this stereotype can cost a person an early Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The best thing to do if are wondering is it dementia or not is to be very observant. It is best to watch the person over the course of time but not allow too much time to steal the brain. This may seem like a juggling act but it is careful to monitor the person daily and listen to them closely. Watch their actions closely. Knowing someone closely is often the best sign, you will know when something just is not right.

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