Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dementia Fear, what to do and what to look for

The fear of dementia should be real, the illness can do some very horrible things to the brain. One of the greatest worries when dealing with this illness is the dangerous effects on the life of the person suffering with the illness. One of the greatest worries which we will tackle in this post will deal with wandering. This is a very real problem and a fear of dementia that many will have to one day confront.

It is common to read in the newspapers about an Alzheimer's sufferer who is lost, the person may have left their home or wondered out of a nursing home. This is a very unsettling situation and one that I have experienced first hand. A few years ago a woman who was in her early 70's was on the bus and she told me she had been lost for over 2 hours. My friend and I tried to help her with directions. We had a great little conversation with her and she was wonderfully nice. She agreed to ride with us for the whole 20 minute ride. After speaking with her for about 10 minutes we could see that this very pleasant and friendly woman had a problem. She started rambling about her husband and other things that showed classical signs of Alzheimer’s disease. This is the great dementia fear, to be lost and totally confused.

The woman turned from us and started speaking with a young family, suddenly the woman hops of the bus and started going in a completely different direction. It was too late for us to do anything and the situation happened so fast that it took us all quite a few minutes before we recognized that we were actually with a lost dementia patient. What a fear for so many families. The experience does show us some amazing things about the illness, often the suffer seems quite normal and then they will say something that is really off. For example, they may think John F Kennedy is still the President of the United States. This is why it is critical to attack and protect from this illness as quickly as possible. We should all fear dementia and do something about it before the brain is affected.

This site has been set up because we believe and have seen in our research that a very specific diet combination can reverse much the illness. We have seen this and urge you to protect your brain. Learn the signs of the illness and be one guard because many with this illness do wander into the streets. A we are more aware of the illness we will be able to help more people like the lady on the bus.


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