Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Can you protect against Dementia? What to do

Can you protect against dementia? Researchers have attacked this question and have come to the conclusion that much can be done which will arrest the illness; there are quite a few steps which a person can do to form a protective barrier for the brain against illness. A recent study has revealed something that we have spoken about often on this site; the brain has an incredible ability to heal. In this post we will address the question “Can you protect against dementia?”


It is a fact that every single person young and old should seek some protection against the illness, Alzheimer’s is a progressive illness which starts more than 20 years before the first symptoms appear, this is something that we have reported on and has been documented by University researchers.  When it comes to guarding against this disease researchers have recently pointed out that certain factors can truly help protect against the illness.


A study by the University of Victoria in British Columbia concluded that socioeconomic status as a child; adult literacy and physical activity during adulthood were major factors in protecting against dementia.


The study highlighted the fact that the brain can build up a reserve which can protect it against future mental dysfunction. Physical and mental exercise can be a great benefit to the brain. Can you protect against dementia? Yes you can. 


Those who have Alzheimer’s disease can be greatly helped with diet, we have shown this in over 10 countries, regardless of how much the illness has progressed there is always a chance to reverse some are all of the affects of the illness.


The dementia diet is used in over 10 countries to improve memory and mood in those who already have Alzheimer’s. This diet has worked for thousands of people with dementia; it is never too late to revive the brain!


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