Friday, August 22, 2014

What should someone with Alzheimer’s disease eat? An answer

We received an email “What should someone with Alzheimer’s disease eat?” this is an excellent question that is best answered from a scientific perspective. It should be noted right from the start that dementia is not a hopeless situation; much can be done to reverse symptoms of this illness. The sooner that people come to the realization that the brain has a tremendous capacity to heal better the outcome for the person.  This brings us back to the question of “What should someone with Alzheimer’s disease eat?” to best answer the question we should address what the diet is trying to do.



The limitations of a good diet


Those who are seeking a diet for dementia are usually looking for healthy nutrition, this is a good thing but it is not enough; a good diet is not the same thing as a healing diet. Many people are under the impression that green tea is good for the brain but this is not the full story. Green tea can be very good for the body but a recent study shows that it does not cross the blood barrier in the brain.  Unless a substance can get to through the blood brain barrier it cannot help the brain.  



A study published in Nutritional Neuroscience found that after ingesting green tea substances were found in the bloodstream but that it did not cross into the brain blood barrier

Following acute ingestion of green tea by six human subjects, HPLC-MS2 analysis revealed that flavan-3-ol methyl, glucuronide and sulfate metabolites appeared in the bloodstream but did not pass through the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier.


When it comes to the “What should someone with Alzheimer’s disease eat” question, it is important to know what you are eating for, are you eating for health or to actually reverse the illness?  In defense of green tea it was shown to have very positive effects on the body and lowered harmful inflammation. What the study shows us is that green tea may be good for the health of the person with Dementia but there is no proof it can reverse the illness.




The brain has an incredible ability to heal and the right combination of natural ingredients have been shown in numerous studies to reverse aspects of Alzheimer’s disease, this worked even in middle late stages. What does this mean to the person with Alzheimer’s disease? For the users of our Mal Alzheimer Diet it can mean improved memory, better mood or improved overall behavior. It can mean more life with the illness or even reversal of much of the symptoms. This has been shown in over 10 countries.

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