Thursday, September 11, 2014

What foods should a person with Alzheimer’s disease eat? The truth

What foods should a person with Alzheimer’s eat is one of the more common questions yet few get the right answers. It is clear that most people including medical professionals are not fully aware that food has a powerful impact on the brain of a person with this illness. If you are a caretaker it is important that you know more than the patient’s doctors, you are the one who will be administering most of the food not the doctors.  In addressing the question of what foods should a person with Alzheimer’s disease eat we will reveal a very fascinating connection to another illness.


This is your brain on inflammation


Most people have absolutely no clue that dementia and diabetes are linked, this does not mean that high blood sugar necessarily causes dementia but it does mean that excessive glucose is dangerous to the brain.  


A remarkable recent study showed that people with type 2 high blood sugar were twice as likely to have mild brain functioning impairment as those without diabetes. The study revealed that mild cognitive problems are a stage of mental decline that can come before more serious dementia.

"Maintain your diabetes treatment to help prevent mental decline."

Angela Winkler, MA, in the Department of Neurology at University Hospital Essen in Germany


Dementia is an inflammation disease similar to diabetes


The brain is a very powerful organ and it can repair, when mental faculties start to become negatively affected do not believe that this cannot be repaired. The link between diabetes and the loss of brain function is due to inflammation, when seeking which foods a person with Alzheimer’s should eat it is important to know that this disease is also an inflammation disease.  


The failure of diabetes and dementia medications is due to the fact that most of this billion dollar profit drugs do not reduce inflammation. (This is only one of many reasons why you should treat Alzheimer’s disease with diet). There are no medications that can stop dementia but the right foods given specifically in the right combinations can! We have proven this in over 10 countries.


The person with Alzheimer’s must be given a healing diet, most people aim for a good diet but this is not enough. When it comes to the brain “good” is not enough, healing is the only thing that can revive the brain. The brain has an incredible ability to revive when put in the right healing environment. People spend on average $10,000 dollars a year on a person with dementia yet they receive no healing, these patients never get any better despite over $5,000 spent yearly on dementia drugs


What foods should a person with Alzheimer’s disease eat?


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