Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reverse Alzheimer’s disease? Why many are starting to believe us

When you talk about the possibility to reverse Alzheimer’s disease there are always people (who have no understanding of the human brain) who are willing to tell you why it cannot be done. At Mal Alzheimer we have seen the reversal of the symptoms of the illness in many people, despite the critics medical professionals are finally starting to believe.  We have shown people that you can reverse Alzheimer’s disease even in middle late stages when you understand how the brain works, this week doctor’s finally agreed!


It amazes me how people are not willing to even try to help their loved ones reverse this illness, feeling sorry for them is not enough. It is absolutely necessary to try to heal a person who is losing their mental faculties. The brain has an incredible ability to heal when put in the right environment for healing, there was a time when A.I.D.S was viewed as a fast death sentence, and no one believes this today. Those of us who remember when A.I.D.S first spread in the world may remember that it was seen as hopeless to even consider treating the illness. To reverse Alzheimer’s disease is not only possible it has been done! in many cases there have been complete reversals.


The success of the Mal Alzheimer diet is due to the fact that we show dementia and all brain illnesses must be attacked with diet from many different angles at the same time.


The drug makers have profited 10 billion dollars annually on dementia medications with no cure yet the public is content with this, yet talk of a natural cure and the public is often not even open to even the possibility.  


We would love to ask the public what has Alzheimer’s medications done for your loved ones?


Thankfully thousands in Europe, America and other countries have used a targeted “diet” to reverse much of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.



Now they believe


Brain Researchers stunned the media yesterday when they admitted that we were right attacking Alzheimer’s from many angles can reverse much of the illness. They said for the first time they may have reversed Alzheimer’s disease.  What was the drug? There was NO DRUG..only DIET


"Everybody knows you can't reverse this. Once you lose it you can't get it back," said Dr. Dale Bredesen, neuroscientist at UCLA and author of the study.

"And I said, 'Well maybe that's not the case.'"

They witnesssed a reversal in 10 people in the UCLA study


"So this is the beginning. This is the toe in the water. We are seeing for the first time reversals in cognitive decline, and we need to do many more patients and we need to do much more documentation," said Bredesen.


We don’t want to say I told you so…but..this is the case…we did.  With this news from UCLA expect to see many imitators of our diet in the next few years but stick with the original Mal Alzheimer diet

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