Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Diet for a person with dementia? Why not cure the illness


 When looking for a diet for a person with dementia it is important to know what you are seeking from the meal plan. When it comes to food, this is an area where people are lacking in information in regards to treating Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses that effect the cognitive functioning. A diet for a person with dementia can literally make a difference in the mood, behavior and personality of the patient.


The amazing brain


The brain is amazing and it has an unbelievable ability to heal when put in the right nutritional environment, what people are not so aware of is the fact that Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses which affect the brain can be reversed. It is at this point where people are often reluctant to see how the illness can  and has be reversed, but those who read this site are well aware that many (even those in the middle late stages )have seen improvement. The mood, personality and behavior of a person with Alzheimer’s disease can be greatly improved, this is scientifically proven and we have shown this.



Once again science admits the reversal of Alzheimer’s disease



Mal Alzheimer has revealed to thousands of people over the last 5 years that Dementia is a naturally reversible condition; in fact, there are no medications that have ever been able to reverse the illness.  Researchers at UCLA, lead by, Dr. Dale E. Bredesen explains how Alzheimer's is a complex disease affected by sleep, diet, even exercise. For the first time they admit and demonstrated that the illness is reversible without any medications!

Within 6 months in the UCLA study the subjects all had improved memory, what is most remarkable is that the protocol used by UCLA is nothing compared to what is used in the Mal Alzheimer’s diet. The benefits with Mal Alzheimer diet is witnessed within 3 months not 6 months like the UCLA study. 


A diet for a person with dementia can reverse the illness in many ways and we have shown this to thousands of our users.


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