Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stop Alzheimer’s disease with targeted food

It is possible to stop Alzheimer’s disease even in middle late stages by using a much targeted combination of food which heals the brain. Each year science discovers more and more about how nutrients affect the brain, illnesses like dementia can be greatly improved, unfortunately this is what most people are still unaware of. It is possible to stop Alzheimer’s disease with the precise combination of foods targeted for the brain.


The brain has an incredible ability to heal when it is put in a very precise nutritional environment, the quality of calories that we consume have a very strong affect on the working of the brain. Researchers have recently discovered that calorie restriction has a direct affect on the brain, the results of the University study shows that consuming fewer calories has a positive affect on the brain, possibly delaying illnesses such as dementia. There is much which can be done to stop Alzheimer’s disease; calorie restriction does have a positive affect on the brain.


Fewer calories equal a better brain?


A recent study from neuroscientists at NYU Langone Medical Center revealed that reducing the amount of calories in the diets of female mice stopped the normal rise and fall of in activity levels of around 900 different genes that are associated with brain function, including aging and memory formation. Researchers concluded that diets with fewer calories from carbohydrates can help slow certain aspects of aging and chronic disease in humans.


Combining power brain nutrients


What Mal Alzheimer has revealed to now thousands of people in over 10 countries is that it is the exact and précis combination of specific nutrients which have the greatest affect on reversing dementia.  Targeting the brain with specifically combined nutrition can stop many of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, this can revive the brain.  Calorie restriction may have some ability to delay some progression of Alzheimer’s disease but it cannot reverse the illness, reversal is only possible with targeted food combinations to heal the brain. The Mal Alzheimer diet is now used in over 10 countries to improve mood, memory and brain function in those who have dementia.






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