Monday, March 18, 2013

How to reverse Alzheimer's Disease? What the drug makers don't tell you

When we first showed how to reverse Alzheimer's disease back in 2006 our research was new, a very specialized diet is the key reversing the illness, we are not speaking of a “good diet” but a very targeted diet scientifically proven to restore memory, this diet has now be used in over 10 countries. It is also important to know the role that stress plays in Alzheimer's disease, how to reverse the illness can touch on many areas but the area of stress is very interesting

What does stress have to do with the brain

Stress hormones were shown in studies to rapidly increase the formation of brain lesions that are the well known signs of Alzheimer’s disease, what surprised researchers was how fast the Amyloid plaques and tau tangles formed under stressful conditions, this was shown in even the youngest of lab animals. These plaques and tau tangles are the reason you or your loved ones lose much of the brain functioning with Alzheimer’s or dementia. When we showed how to reverse the illness in University studies the Tau tangles and Amyloid plaques were shown to be arrested under a specialized diet.

More on Stress

In a study with genetically altered mice, Prof LaFerla, professor of neurobiology and behavior, and a team of UCI researchers found that when young animals were injected for just seven days with dexamethasone, a glucocorticoid similar to the body’s stress hormones, the levels of the protein beta-amyloid in the brain increased by 60 percent. This is a remarkable amount of beta- amyloid increase in the brain, in our very stressful modern living it is clear that the brain can be effected.

How to reverse Alzheimer's disease, timing is crucial to the reversal of the illness, each day the plaques and tau tangles do considerable damage to the precious brain white matter, those who wait risk losing more brain function. The reversal of of the illness can be achieved without pharmaceutical drugs, we have demonstrated this in over 10 countries., Click the blue brain at the top of this page and learn how to reverse the damaging effects of the illness naturally. You can save your loved ones, click the blue brain and read now   


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