Friday, March 1, 2013

What to do about Alzheimer's Disease: Senior home suffering

Many are wondering what to do about Alzheimer's as the numbers of people with the illness are soaring high n the UK and the United States. What is equally alarming is that a state report from England shows that nursing home patients with dementia are suffering from depression and are experiencing a very low quality of life. With the numbers of people the disease increasing what to do about Alzheimer's has many people perplexed

The low quality of life

The Alzheimer Society charity said that while excellent care exists, less than 50% of the 322,000 sufferers in care homes across the UK have a good quality of life.

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the Alzheimer Society, said: “When you walk into an excellent care home it’s full of warmth, activities and interaction. But between these best examples and the worst, which often dominate headlines, there is a forgotten scandal of people with dementia who are failed and left living a life that can only be described as ‘OK’

What to do about Alzheimer's disease

This is a very debilitating illness, it steals more than just the memory it steals the quality of life. The situation described in the majority of nursing homes is really a horrible situation, these patients are barely surviving. These are our loved ones who have lived, worked,loved and now they are in need of our help. Sadly so many are allowing this illness take its course and do more damage to the precious brain cells, it is important to attack this illness hard and swift. It is the purpose of this site to bring back full brain function in those effected. What to do about Alzheimer's disease? We have researched the illness for over 5 years and you must strike hard back the the illness and the brain can revive. Much of the illness can be reversed


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