Sunday, January 12, 2014

Help Early Onset Alzheimer's: What to do about it

Early onset Alzheimer's disease is a very serious sign of cognitive decline, this condition is increasing worldwide, a new study from England highlights how the rise of this brain robbing condition is affecting the financial and emotional well being of millions. Please understand time is not your side with this disease, it is very important to seek help for early onset Alzheimer's disease as this is a progressive illness which causes more extreme loss of mental facilities as time goes by.

Are you prepared?

According to a study from ADI (Alzheimer Disease International) 44 million people live with the disease, but that figure will increase to a staggering 135 million in the next few decades; we are speaking of countless millions of families that will have to deal with the emotional and financial strain of the disease. Anyone who has lived with or who has had to take care of a loved one with the illness can understand the tremendous amount of strain that is placed on the family. Dementia (serious deterioration in mental functions, such as memory, language, orientation and judgment ) is one of the more challenging illnesses in the world which often leads to significant numbers of caregivers who burnout. The help for early onset Alzheimer's starts in the family, there is much that can be done to slow down this illness!

Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the UK's Alzheimer' Society, said: "Dementia is fast becoming the biggest health and social care challenge of this generation.
"We must tackle dementia now, for those currently living with the condition across the world and for those millions who will develop dementia in the future.
For over 5 years this website Mal Alzheimer has sounded the alarm that it is crucial to get involved in reversing your own mental decline and this is shown to be scientifically possible. The disease has been shown to halt and even reverse when a combination of natural substances are administered. The billion pharmaceutical companies will never publish this and have held a choke hold on a cure by dismissing natural substances which have been shown to stop the mental decline; it is documented to IMPROVE patient mood,memory and behavior. There is help for early onset Alzheimer's disease.

It is crucial to anyone with this illness that they understand the politics (money) behind the FDA and the Drug makers, this is a money making partnership that profits over $$300 billion dollars a year in medication dispensing.
Natural substances which are shown to help your family are not funded because a pharmaceutical company is not allow to profit from a natural substance. (that one sentence describes the condition of healthcare in the United States.

Sadly people are not treated because there is no profit for the drug company, do not sit back and wait for this illness to steal your independence; it is important to actively seek to save your own brain.

We have show people in over 10 countries over the last 5 years how to naturally halt the disease progression with a specialized combination of natural ingredients available today , this is the number one natural website that scientifically gives you a chance to fight back against the illness. Help for early onset Alzheimer’s disease means freedom and independence.

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