Friday, January 10, 2014

What can help Alzheimer’s? An Answer

Many people are wondering what can help Alzheimer's disease after a new study has reveals that the crisis is becoming much worst. Despite the fact that government and health officials tell people that there is no cure for this illness this is an outrageous falsehood; we will address this later in this article. The numbers of people suffering from this illness is growing much worst, it is crucial that you learn what can help Alzheimer's disease go away.

A coming avalanche of cases

The brain robbing illness is increasing and this is causing a tremendous emotional and financial burden on families worldwide, sadly it is often a case of watching your family member deteriorate right before your eyes, this is something that we have observed first hand. The crisis is worsening according to a new study which shows that Alzheimer's disease in the U.S. is expected to triple over the next 40 years, the information was published this week in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

"This increase is due to an aging baby boom generation. It will place a huge burden on society, disabling more people who develop the disease, challenging their caregivers, and straining medical and social safety nets," said co-author Jennifer Weuve, MPH, ScD, assistant professor of medicine, Rush University Medical Center

What can help Alzheimer's is a very important question but if you leave it up to the drug makers the answer you will receive is that there is no cure but this is not the whole story. When the drug-makers tell you that there is no cure what they mean is that they have not “discovered” a billion dollar profit pill like what Viagra did for impotence.

The medical establishment operates on profit not “cure”and all profit most be funneled through big pharma. Natural cures that have been shown to cause from mild reversal ofdDementia to even advanced cases are not funded because the drug makers cannot profit from a natural substance, Big Pharma can only profit by medications(drugs)!

What can help Alzheimer's disease?

There are literally tons of scientific research discovered by the “Mal Alzheimer” company which reveals that the illness can be greatly reversed with a combination of natural ingredients; we are speaking of University Medical Research that sits on shelves because no one will fund the natural substances since they legally cannot be turned into a billion dollar medication. Doctors and Drug-makers are not legally allowed to profit from a natural substance.

It is crucial to anyone with this illness that they understand the political money behind the FDA and the Drug makers, this is a money making partnership that profits over $$300 billion dollars a year in medication dispensing.

Will you do something?

We have show people in over 10 countries over the last 5 years how to naturally stop Alzheimer's with a patented specialized combination of natural ingredients available in your supermarket, this is the number one natural website that scientifically gives you a chance to fight back against the illness. Stop waiting for big pharma they do not care about you or your family, they are pushing hard for a billion dollar profit drug but they will never tell you that the illness has scientifically been shown to be reversible.


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