Friday, December 20, 2013

Treat Mild Dementia swiftly to stave of a problem

Dementia is a very dangerously progressive illness, a mild condition is a signal to halt the disease before further loss of mental functions progress. We arr experiencing a Worldwide spread of Alzheimer’s disease and unfortunately many are not prepared for the damaging affects of what the illness brings; it is essential to guard against the loss of mental faculties. What do we mean mild dementia? We are speaking of someone who is functioning in the early stage of the illness and beginning to experience some functional and safety impairments due to the brain changes.

A progressive illness

According to The Australian Government Health Agency

The progression of dementia, from the early stages to the final severe form of the disease, varies from person to person. A person's abilities will deteriorate - sometimes rapidly, over a few months; in other cases, more slowly, over a number of years.

It is crucial to recognize that much can be done to arrest the progression of the illness (regardless of what stage you are presently in ) and this is what so many people neglect to understand. From our research it is clear that much can be done to address the illness naturally, this area gets so little funding although it it has been shown to work to slow or even “reverse” Mild dementia. So many are suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s and are doing absolutely nothing natural to address the illness.

It is as sad fact that most people address Alzheimer’s disease and other memory robbing illness from a defensive position; waiting and watching the illness progress is what too many are doing. This is an illness that does response to natural treatment when it is applied regularly and consistently! The symptoms of the illness are quite damaging to the brain and body, we have stated on the :MAL ALZHEIMER website for over 5 years that the saddest aspect of the illness is the loss of independence; Alzheimer’s patients are often depressed as a result of depression. We have shown thousands that Mild dementia can be stopped or even reversed, this is a scientific fact that we have shown to people in now 10 countries.


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