Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My Mom has Dementia, what to do about this

We received an email from a young woman “My mom (mother) has dementia what should I do about this?”  Unfortunately, we are witnessing a boom in the number of people who are being afflicted by Alzheimer’s disease; the situation will continue to get worst. The fact of the matter is that the email we received is becoming to be very common. In this post “My mom has dementia” we will address the brain and its amazing ability to reverse cognitive decline.

The stress of an illness

The worst thing about losing mental faculties is the tremendous amount of stress which is placed not only on the individual with the condition but also the family. There are many personality changes which occur once the brain starts to have difficulties, this can range from anger, depression, and even outbursts.  The physical and financial strains of diminished mental faculties are tremendous but this does not have to be the end of the story, the brain has an incredible ability to heal when placed in a very precise nutritional environment. Do not believe for a second that Alzheimer’s disease cannot improve. 

Mom has dementia

It was once believed that diseases like A.I.D.S and cancer could not be improved, people simply accepted the diagnoses then waited for conditions to get worst, this is how so many people view Alzheimer’s disease today. People are not addressing the brain but instead are waiting for some drug to be developed; there is no need to wait for the drug makers to find a billion dollar profit pill for themselves before you get help. A targeted combination of nutritional foods (in the precise measure) can reverse much of Alzheimer’s disease; this has been proven in numerous of studies which will never reach the public due to the politics of big medicine.

The brain responses wonderfully when put in a very precise nutritional environment; it is the combined substances which create a synergy affect which reverses so many of the symptoms of Dementia.  The power of synergy (combining specific foods targeted to improve brain functioning) works because the tau tangles and plaque build up which cause Alzheimer’s disease is addressed from a multi angle approach, this simply works.  My Mom has dementia: Unfortunately, we will hear this more often, yet you have the power to do something.

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