Friday, November 7, 2014

What can Alzheimer’s disease do to you? The truth

What can Alzheimer’s disease do to you? This is the question we received yesterday from a woman whose mother has been diagnosed with the illness. It is a very scary thing when one first hears that a loved one is being afflicted with the disease, the thought that you will become unrecognizable to a person who knew you your whole life is very discouraging.  In this post, “what can Alzheimer’s disease do to you” we will discuss how the illness can change a family forever.



In discussing the way in which the disease can dramatically change a family, there was a recent story which focused on how the illness affected one particular family, it was quite revealing.  While memory loss is the most well known aspect of the disease, there are many other complications which can appear, diminished mental functioning causes personality changes. S. Morris from Lancaster County discovered the challenges of the illness when her husband became a person with Alzheimer's at the very young age of only 46. What can Alzheimer’s disease do to you? It can change you completely.


She admits to dealing with many physical and spatial issues that became apparent early on.


“It started out slowly with little things here and there that did not add up.

I noticed even when he was still teaching he was having trouble getting dressed - miss a belt loop - miss buttoning a shirt," said S. Morris.


Dementia slowly takes over the brain, the changes can cause a person to become angry, irritable, depressed, or worst. As time goes by conditions become worst.


The brain is an incredible organ and it has a remarkable ability to heal when put in the right nutritional environment. It is crucial that a person with the disease do something, the illness progresses to worsening stages.  The vast majority of people are not aware that much of the affects of dementia can be reversed with the precise combination of natural ingredients; this was revealed in a recent study from the University of California Berkley.


Mal Alzheimer has been showing people for over 5 years that the synergy affect which is created by using the correct balance of precise nutritional substance can reverse much of the negative affects of dementia; this has been revealed in over 10 countries.  What can Alzheimer’s disease do to you? It can literally change a person into complete other personality, but it is clear that much can be done to reverse these affects.





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