Sunday, December 16, 2012

Caregiver burnout from a difficult or mean Alzheimer's patient

“I am burned out from caring for a patient with Alzheimer's disease(dementia)”. This can be a common complaint from a caregiver and it is something that must be addressed. This illness is very labor-some to many and it is because of the very nature of the illness. A patient's symptoms may almost exhibit the behavior of a rude child. Caregivers who are burnt out often state that the patient is not trying to help themselves. Is this so? It may or may not be

The Illness or the Attitude

Jean from England states that her patient and friend can do more but has become depend on her for everything. This is a very tricky situation and it really depends on the patient. Some may become “lazy” or dependent on the caregiver to the point where they stop trying to help themselves. I am speaking very broad here as all situations are different. This type of patient in many ways has given up to the illness and that is the wrong approach. A caregiver can experience burnout from caring for an Alzheimer's patient. Dementia is a serious illness and often the person suffering is actual physically weak or mentally confused so you must really know the patient.

What helps in Jean's situation is that she really knows the patient who is also a friend, this can be an incredible help. Is the patient really rude, cranky, or just having a bad day? Is it the illness causing the attitude? The answers to these questions lie in knowing your patient. The patient may be your grandmother or mother, this is good because you usually know them best. Always exercise compassion and long-suffering with difficult people, take a walk outside, go shopping and give yourself a long break. Care giver burnout is common, please know that this illness can make you sick (stressed out) if you do not find a balance. A break from the patient and Caregiver may help both parties. The bottom line is to know the patient well enough to determine if it is illness or attitude.

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