Thursday, January 24, 2013

My mother may have dementia, What should I do?

My mother may have dementia was the last email we received yesterday,  it is important to know how the illness progresses. Alzheimer’s disease is known to progress in stages, what this means in the most simplistic term is that the illness gets progressively worst. There are increasing numbers of people being effected so it is important to reverse the illness as early as possible. Susan stated “ My mother may have dementia” what should I do?

More people losing the memory

The numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease worldwide is increasing at an alarming rate, this has cause health officials in the United States, England,Canada and Australia to recognize a very important fact, we are not ready to handle the millions of new cases that will soon come our way. If you are in this situation it is important to observe very closely the person who may have the illness. Look for confusion and memory loss as major signs. The “confusion” from doing simple tasks like cooking or things of that nature may be your earliest warning sign, do not assume it is the illness but watch very carefully. Confusion is a sign that we often ignore, people focus very much on memory loss (and rightfully so) but there are other clues to look for. If you are also saying “My mother may have dementia” There are 2 important facts to dwell on, one is time and the other is reversal.

Time and Reversal

The illness can be reversed in many ways we it is confronted quickly, we have studied this for many years and much can be done to stop it if it is attacked early. We have seen much of the illness reverse when the brain is put in the right environment. Alzheimer's disease must be attacked in the right way and the earlier you confront the illness the better the outcome. Time is critical, from our research we can say that the longer you wait to reverse the illness, the more difficult it is to achieve reversal.

It is the belief of this site Mal Alzheimer that everyone over 50 should start to protect themselves from the illness before it progresses, do not wait for this brain stealing illness to take over. This disease loves to secretly take brain white matter and this is where people lose the fight. . Please follow this site and do not give up. If you are saying my mother may have dementia and wondering what to do, remember the brain can comeback when put in the right healing environment, do not give up even on those who are in the last stages because the brain has a remarkable ability to heal and we hope to show you this. We have seen that a very specialized diet can reverse much of the illness and save the brain, this means going beyond a good diet or even a healthy diet, we are speaking of one that attacks the illness for all sides naturally
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