Friday, February 1, 2013

2 more cases of death from Dementia

Death from Dementia: Two seniors with dementia were found dead this morning, A man 75 had apparently wandered from his nursing home facility. In a separate incident a woman aged 88 was found dead about 150 yards from her home in Michigan. One of the more frequent questions that we get on this site is how does the illness of dementia cause death. The answer in most cases is simply that the person has forgotten how to take care of themselves. The world becomes a very dangerous place for the person suffering from the illness.

There are many with Alzheimer's disease who have been found dead after wondering out in the cold freezing weather with not much clothes on. The mental confusion that accompanies this illness is grave, the brain loses valuable brain matter when one is affected with Alzheimer's disease there are important parts of the brain that are deeply damaged. Memory loss is what most people think about with dementia but there are other issues such as confusion. When a person with Alzheimer's disease becomes confused they may wonder from the house and put  themselves grave danger.

Alzheimer's disease is a horrible illness, The picture on the right of this page shows you the picture of the normal brain and the contrasting picture of the brain with Alzheimer's disease.

This damage effects the personality of the person very deeply. It is important that the person with this illness
be protected inside the house and outside. They will need an incredible amount of attention, this can be very trying and it requires a tremendous amount of patience. The death from dementia in these 2 cases are a very important message that we must give an incredible amount of attention to the person suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.  


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