Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why a targeted diet for Dementia is better than a good diet

A good diet for dementia is not the same thing as a targeted one. This week there was much news about green tea being good for Alzheimer's disease, unfortunately these stories are more newspaper hype than reality. With the brain robbing illnesses increasing worldwide many are seeking ways to fight back. Researchers have shown that a targeted diet for dementia is better than a good diet.

Green tea? Why this tea will not help Alzheimer's disease

Green tea is consumed worldwide and particularly in Asian countries, the substance in green tea called Egcg is widely studied and many believe that it can help reverse Alzheimer's disease but there is a huge problem. The egcg does not cross the blood brain barrier, in other words it cannot reach the brain cells that are in need of help. Why do the green tea studies work in a laboratory? Researchers isolate the Alzheimer's cells and put it in a dish, they then add egcg isolated from green tea. When they see a change(or reversal) in the Alzheimer's cells they conclude that green tea can help fight the illness. This does not work when it comes to the human brain, this may work in a dish but the human brain has a barrier and it is very selective about what it allows to cross that barrier. Green tea's egcg does not cross the brain blood barrier. Green tea may be a part of a good menu but it will not help in the diet for dementia

Researchers in Italy showed that green tea does not pass into the brain cells, the abstract from the study is below

Following acute ingestion of green tea by six human subjects, HPLC-MS2 analysis revealed that flavan-3-ol methyl, glucuronide and sulfate metabolites appeared in the bloodstream but did not pass through the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier.

The Italian study above showed that green tea did not pass through the brain barrier but was in the bloodstream, green tea may be good for the body but does not help the brain directly. We have researched this illness in over 5 countries and we can tell you that much can be done to reverse the illness but the diet for dementia must be targeted and based on good science. Green may be good for you but so far it does not help Alzheimer's disease. What can help? Nutrients that pass the Brain Blood Barrier can reverse the illness 


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