Friday, February 15, 2013

I am Depressed: What does Dementia have to do with it

 There is a link between dementia and depression, researchers today spoke of the growing cases of depressed elderly people. Alzheimer's cases are expected to triple in the next 25 years, this will create a tremendous burden on families trying to cope with the declining mental health of their loved ones. The increasing numbers of seniors suffering from depression is causes more dementia case. The problem is very prevalent in nursing homes.

The rise in clinical depression 

Denise Kirschbaum of James City County Social Services and Deborah LeCalm of Colonial Behavioral Health,  "Depression is not a normal part of aging," LeCalm said. "As individuals get older, they are not addressing their issues with mental health. Mental health is a major problem. It is estimated that sixty-five to ninety percent of nursing home residents have problems with mental health." This is an incredible number of people who are simply not happy. We have accepted a depressive state as a natural course in the aging process and this should not the case. Depression causes changes in the brain, in seniors loneliness can be a strong predictor dementia

Senior homes are not always the best environment for mental stimulation, although the activities may be good and helpful it does not compare to a loving family but his is not always possible in many situations. Many of us do not have the resources to care for a person suffering form dementia or depression. Alzheimer's is a progressive illness that effects the brain's  white and gray matter, time is critical to save much of the brain. LeCalm states that many seniors do not report their depression and accept it as part of their growing old. Do not give up on the brain, there is still time to reverse dementia and Alzheimer's when the brain is put in the right healing environment. We believe it is possible to reverse the illness with an aggressive targeted diet that address the areas of the brain. This can save you from Dementia and Alzheimer's. Click on the brain on the top right side of this page 


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