Friday, April 10, 2015

Reverse Alzheimer’s disease? What are you eating?

You can reverse Alzheimer’s disease with nutrition, this is no longer a question; it be done. Researchers at UCLA and NYU have proven what Mal Alzheimer has shown for over 5 years; the illness can be greatly improved with targeted nutrition.  Often people are led to believe that “skinny” automatically means “healthy”, be this is not the case. A new study reveals that people who are overweight have less of a chance of developing dementia than thin people. You can reverse Alzheimer disease symptoms, it is crucial to understand the role of nutrition and its affect on the brain.

The new study from England is quite an eye opener; it shows how healthy cognitive functioning is related to nutrition. Bodyweight plays a very important role in the brain; the study reveals that overweight people are protected against dementia more than thin people.

The team at Oxon Epidemiology and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine analyzed the medical records from almost 2000 people aged 55, on average, for over 20 years. This was an amazing number of people and it gives us a good overview on the workings of the brain and bodyweight.
Their most conservative analysis showed underweight people had an almost 40% greater risk of dementia compared with a person who was healthy weight! 
But those who were overweight did even better, lowering dementia risk by almost an additional 20%!
The researchers were shocked. "Yes, it is a surprise," said lead researcher Dr Nawab Qizilbash.   At Mal Alzheimer this study does not shock us; many overweight people are getting targeted nutrition which thin people are missing.

The Mal Alzheimer diet is still the number one natural diet to revere dementia, and is used in over 10 countries. What can you expect to experience with the targeted diet?
A diet of combined nutrition for the brain can result in improved mood, personality or memory in the Alzheimer disease patient.  The diet is crucial to a person at the early stages of dementia, the earlier the targeted nutrition the better the results.  What causes this affect, which has been proven in many clinical studies? It is the combination of certain nutrition which creates a synergy affect which can improve the brain.  

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