Tuesday, December 11, 2012


A recent study in Europe has shown that 3 words... dementia, sick and lonely all go together. As a researcher. I can see that this all connects. The issue of loneliness is an interesting one in that  isolation can effect the health of humans from birth. Alzheimer disease is an illness linked to emotional health. Dementia is linked to feeling lonely. A person with this illness may feel themselves a burden on others and this can cause guilt.

The Europe study highlights some facts

 Study of the Elderly (AMSTEL), which is looking at risk factors for dementia and higher than expected death rates among the elderly.

Living alone does increase dementia but “feeling lonely caused dementia to triple”

This is a very important finding in that feeling lonely can cause other mental problems including depression. The results show us once again a clear link between dementia and loneliness.

Putting the elderly out to pasture

Sadly in much (not all) of the West old age is a disgrace, to make matters worst many refuse to take care of their parents or grandparents. This is not the case in much of Brazil, Caribbean,India,African and Asian countries. Sadly in the United States and some parts of Europe the elderly are put out to pasture. We have no time and are too busy to look after those who looked after us. Dementia, feeling sick and lonely is all to American. You can reverse this illness, stay with this site and spread the message.


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