Monday, July 29, 2013

What can help prevent Alzheimer's? Don't rely on others

What can really help prevent Alzheimer's disease? This site is number one in Europe and South America because the reader is educated on dementia and learns how to arrest the illness. Relying on health care facilities for dementia care can be a very risking endeavor, a new documentary film yesterday highlighted the dangers of one nursing home faculty which specializes in helping those with memory loss. What can help prevent Alzheimer's disease is a very important question, those who suffer from the illness risk a loss of independence which in some cases can be deadly.

The frontline documentary which was aired on PBS revealed very startling revelations about Seattle-based Emeritus, the nation’s largest operator of assisted-living communities, the program highlighted the disturbing and preventable deaths of several residents with dementia. There have been many more cases in the United States which have revealed the horrible treatment so many dementia patients receive in various facilities Nationwide. We have revealed on this site that much of dementia can be reversed even in late stages when the brain receives the correct combination of natural healing ingredients. The brain has a remarkable ability to heal when put in the correct atmosphere for healing. Knowing what can help prevent Alzheimer's disease is crucial to arresting the progression of the illness. In regards to the Emeritus nursing faculty the Frontline film reported.

A lot of people don’t realize the regulations are incredibly lax,” he says in an interview. “In California you only need 40 hours of training to run one of these.” said A.C. Thompson, the “Frontline” reporter.
Because nursing homes get federal money, “there’s a whole world of federal regulations that provide a baseline on how they should be run,” he says. “When you come over to this world, there’s none of that.”

This year a jury awarded $23 million punitive damage award against Emeritus, which the jury three days earlier had already found guilty of malice, oppression and fraud in the death of Joan Boice.
Joan Boice who was suffering from Dementia arrived at Emeritus at Emerald Hills in Auburn in September 2008. By the time she left in December, she had developed bedsores. She died three months after moving out, with the sores listed as a significant condition leading to her death.

We have urged our thousands of readers to tackle Dementia before it starts, the illness starts 20 years before the first signs of memory loss. The illness is rapidly increasing and is starting to effect more people at younger ages, much of this increase is related to food chemicals and environmental pollutants. What can help prevent Alzheimer's disease? The reversal of of the illness can be achieved without pharmaceutical drugs, we have demonstrated this in over 10 countries. You can save your loved ones, Click here European diet reverses Alzheimer in 10 countries


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