Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stopping Alzheimer's disease before it starts: Illness now attacking the young

Stopping Alzheimer's disease before it starts should be everyone's health goal, a new study has revealed how the illness is attacking younger people in growing numbers. There are over 5 million people in the United States who are suffering with Dementia, the illness is expected to double over the next decade, what may be equally alarming is that researchers of the illness reveal many are not aware the illness starts decades before the first signs. Stopping Alzheimer's disease before the signs are evident is crucial.

Will we all acquire Alzheimer's disease?

In a new study from Boston University it was revealed why early protection from the illness is necessary

Dr. Robert Stern is director of the clinical core of Boston University's Alzheimer's Disease Center."The disease starts around 15-25 years before the first symptoms, and it's only when enough brain tissue gets devastated by the disease that the symptoms begin," said Stern

The progression of the illness is characterized by damaging plaque accumulation in the brain, often 20 years before the first signs of memory loss the plaques have effected the brain. Alzheimer's disease is increasing, it is essential to protect the brain from this illness. The effects of Dementia is so much more than just memory loss, the most discouraging aspect of the illness may be the lost of independence, the need for others to help in doing tasks that use to be accomplished independently.

Why wait? The younger people are being effected

Younger onset dementia has become an increasing public concern because more people are being diagnosed and their needs are not being adequately met by existing services that are more geared towards older people,” says lead researcher, Conjoint Professor Brian Draper from UNSW’s School of Psychiatry.

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