Sunday, May 12, 2013

What to do about dementia and the diet

What to do about dementia is a problem that many millions of people are dealing with and which many more millions are going to have to deal with. We stated 5 years ago when we started our research in Oslo that this illness attacks many years before the first signs appear and that food chemicals are causing the incredible outbreak of diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer's. With over 8 million more people expected to be effected in the next few decades , “what to do about dementia “is a question you should be asking yourself before the first signs of the illness appear.

A modern phenomena: The linking of illnesses

There has been a steady rise in obesity,diabetes and dementia, these illnesses are rising at the same astronomical rate and this is not just a coincidence. Our research predicted the outbreak of the Alzheimer's crisis many years ago, we saw that the connection to other illnesses were revealing a dangerous pattern which is sweeping much of the Western hemisphere. Yesterday data presented at the European Congress on Obesity suggests that there is a connection between the rise in obesity and dementia.

Jessica Smith, a research officer at Alzheimer's Society, said:
"Evidence shows that obesity increases the risk of developing dementia. This study highlights the impact obesity will have on the numbers of people with the condition in the future”
This is just the tip of the iceberg more people are already effected by Dementia but have not experienced the symptoms yet.

What is important to draw from the study is the fact that today many illnesses are interrelated in a way that was not so apparent years ago, when we predicted the rise in dementia 5 years ago we noticed that diabetes and obesity were going up at almost the very same level. It is important to know that most people who are effected by Alzheimer's disease are not overweight, this is not a paradox, the issue is related to the food more than they weight. We have shown thousands of people how to regain memory and reverse even middle stages of Alzheimer's and dementia. When the root causes of the Alzheimer's are addressed the brain has an incredible ability to come back to life. Do not give up on your loved ones who have been effected by the illness. The brain has an incredible ability to reverse the illness and we have documented this.

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