Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Losing your Memory is a warning sign

Many more people are losing memory, there has been an incredible rise in dementia cases worldwide and this is problem is directly related to other health complications. When there is a problem “recalling” it often signals other health problems, for example diabetes,obesity and heart failure are all linked to Alzheimer's disease. When a person notices difficulties with recalling it is important not to ignore the condition. Signs of losing your memory can be the beginnings of Alzheimer's disease

Younger people effected

The numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease is growing, younger people are being afflicted. Dr. Paul Thompson, a UCLA professor of neurology. Doctors are shoing the process starts earlier than they once believed. 

"Alzheimer's has traditionally been considered a disease marked by neuronal cell loss and widespread gray matter atrophy," Thompson said "But degeneration of myelin in white matter fiber pathways is more and more being considered a key disease component and another possible pathway to the disease, and this discovery supports that."  

What this means is that Alzheimer's disease may start a lot earlier than we once believed, it progresses in the brain before any symptoms appear. Many more younger people already have the beginning of the illness, if you are losing your memory, it is important to address the condition. The researchers showed that the process of developing Alzheimer's may start very early, every one should be on a brain protection diet. 

The numbers of people suffering from dementia are increasing worldwide, it is projected that many more millions will be affected in the next 20 years. it is important to protect yourself for the illness before it starts. Once symptoms appear the illness is harder to reverse, Alzheimer's is an illness that progresses in stages, with the last stage described as the most difficult to reverse. Mal Alzheimer's Diet is the only Dementia reversal  diet used in 10 countries. 

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