Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dealing with Dementia: What to do

Dealing with Dementia: What to do

Dealing with dementia is not only difficult for the patient it can be a very difficult for caregivers and family members as well. The increasing numbers of Alzheimer’s disease cases are causing financial and emotional challenges for families trying to support those affected by the illness. According to the Center for Disease control the age-adjusted death rate from Alzheimer's disease increased by 39 percent from 2000 through 2010 in the United States, it is clear that dealing with dementia has become a major crisis.

With more and more people suffering from the Alzheimer’s some patients are considering suicides as a way to stop the suffering.  A man,83 from England was reported to have been the first person from the UK who was assisted by his doctor in committing suicide in Switzerland. The Dr. Michael Irwin told the BBC: "He knew how the illness was likely to develop and he did not want to suffer that process himself and also he wanted to make certain that his family did not see him suffer". Dealing with dementia can be extremely difficult for the person with the illness, the physical and mental challenges can become overwhelming.  Depression among those with Alzheimer’ is common due to the fact that patient often feels that the situation is will get progressively worst.  Suicide should not be an option, Alzheimer’s patients and families must understand that the brain is a remarkable organ with an amazing ability to heal.

Unfortunately, too many who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease are not aware that the brain has an incredible ability to heal itself, never give up on reversing this illness. The brain plaques and Tau tangles which are responsible for much of the loss of memory and mood changes can be reversed, when the brain is put in the right environment for healing Alzheimer’s patient show great improvement. We have shown people in over 10 countries that the illness can be reversed to certain degrees. The right combination of brain nutrients can create an environment that reverses irritable, depression and even memory loss, this has been proven. Sadly many with the illness do nothing to reverse the condition. Dealing with dementia is not enough, it is crucial to do more; the longer one wait the more difficult the illness is to reverse.

It is simply not true that Alzheimer’s disease has never been reversed; while there is still no ‘official cure’ much of the symptoms of the illness can be reversed.  Quality of life can improve and memory can be restored even in advanced cases, waiting and doing nothing allows the brain plaques to accumulate and the Tau Tangles to increase, dealing with Dementia means fighting back. The brain is begging for activation even in the most advance cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

The reversal of the illness can be achieved without the use of pharmaceutical drugs; we have demonstrated this in over 10 countries.


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