Friday, November 2, 2012

Early Dementia: The illness is attacking those as young as 40

Early Dementia  is on the rise and it is critical that you learn to address this illness before the brain is permanently affected. We often think of Alzheimer’s disease as an illness that affects senior citizens and that is usually the case but...take notice that there is an alarming trend that is occurring and it is surprising health officials. Early Dementia is on the rise and it should be of concern to you.

The rise of younger people with Alzheimer’s disease

The number of young people with this illness has increased over 20 percent in the last 25 years. Doctors are seeking causes but have yet to identify the main cause of the increase. What should be of concern to you is that the illness can and is affecting the young. This site was setup because we have shown people that a specialized diet can save the brain. We combined the knowledge of 7 researchers from 5 countries to help bring back the memory with diet alone. We can conclude that the illness is reversible with a very strict and specialized diet. Early Dementia is on the rise and young adults should take notice.

The quality of of life

The number one complaint that we have received from those who have written to us is them having to deal with the loss of independence. Alzheimer's disease has a horrible effect on people. It forces them to become dependent on others for the smallest of details. This is often the case. This is hard on those who are use to caring from themselves. This is why the message of this site “Mal Alzheimer” is that you do something to save the brain from the plaques that steal the memory. Early Dementia is real and it is best that you save the brain as soon as possible.


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